Our commitments

  • Purchase of the transport industry's first electric truck
  • Adoption of Euro4, Euro5 and Euro6 in 2013
  • EGR system and use of ADBLUE product Round optimisation solution (avoids covering unnecessary kilometres)
  • Furniture protected ecologically using blanket wrap
  • Packaging recovered from private customers and processed
  • Conservation of resources:
    • Fossil : fuel resources using concrete measures such as ecodriving, optimization of vehicle fill rates, etc.
    • Water : Investment in more economical truck washes, replacement of standard taps with push buttons, etc.
    • Electricity : Encouraging the economical use of heating, movement detectors for exterior lighting, etc.
  • Protecting soil quality
  • Protecting water quality
  • Protecting air quality
  • Electric truck
  • Euro4, Euro5 and Euro6 in 2013
  • EGR system
  • Furniture protected using blanket wrap
  • Conservation of resources
  • Protecting the quality of the soil, water and air

Le bilan carbone

Le bilan Carbone de l’entreprise permet de connaitre les postes engendrant des émissions de CO2. Le groupe Guisnel a calculé les émissions liées à son activité. Vous trouverez sur le document suivant le détail du bilan Carbone du groupe Guisnel.

Download the document