It is essential that the management of professional risks be considered as a strategic issue in the life of a company:

  • Making staff aware of risks on a daily basis reduces accidents.
  • Encouraging everyone to see accidents not as inevitable but as evidence that risks were misjudged.
  • Analysing incidents in order to avoid recurrences.
  • Preventing accidents, for the safety of all concerned.

Road safety

  • An in-house driving school, with a dedicated vehicle and an approved track.
  • A brake tester approved by the transport authority
  • 5 in-house instructors
  • 2 HGV driving simulators
  • Analysis of incidents in partnership with our insurer and the drivers concerned.
  • Incident rates tracked week by week.
  • Reversing cameras and radar tested.
  • Loose wheel nut indicators tested.
  • Delivery assistants trained to help guide manoeuvring vehicles.

Via all these approaches, Guisnel Distribution takes more account of its professional environment than ever before (suitable handling methods, technical restrictions complied with when using tools, etc.) and has chosen to provide ongoing training to its staff. The safety team develops information tools and organises regular sessions with external speakers to make all staff aware of risk prevention in a professional setting.

  • Road safety
  • Human resources legislation
  • Constant communication
  • Simulations
  • Recommendations
  • Maintenance
  • Awareness
  • Partnership
  • Individual feedback